Téma: Zomblies - Official Full Length Movie


The official low-budget UK action b-movie, free at last to watch online.

Produced for just £10,000 with a total of 200 volunteers in the South West of the UK, this is micro-budget action filmmaking at it's best!

"Bloody Fantastic, beautifully shot, truly suspenseful - and great zombies!"
Sir Richard Taylor, head of WETA Workshops, NZ

When a private militia's rookie zombie hunters send out a distress call, it's up to the Rangers to cross The Wall and bring them back as well as uncover the truth about a terrifying new breed of zombie.


Re: Zomblies - Official Full Length Movie

Přiznám se, že mě to sice moc nezaujalo, nicméně obdivuji, že se tvůrcům podařilo udělat za (relativně) málo peněz hodně muziky.